An eclectic mix of acoustic guitar

It has been a while since I played music in front of an audience. Previously I had the luxury of bandmates to stand in front of a crowd with. I put down the electric guitar when our jam band split up and concentrated on acoustic playing. Over the past few years of music evolution many of my friends have said “you should be playing gigs”. Until recently I took that as just polite applause. Then due to a very unfortunate event (thanks Elsbeth you are still making things happen) I met Chris Sacks through my good Friend George.

Chris plays music for a living and as a lifetime musician I have to say he’s pretty damn good at it. Check him out here. We had the opportunity to play a little guitar together and had a blast. He said I should play some gigs and invited me along to his gig at Bennagens’ in Frederick MD. I had a blast with the local patrons and we jammed a little at the end of the evening. I was hooked.

Now I’m playing out at local venues in the Frederick area and I’ll be posting events as they are booked. I look forward to jamming an eclectic mix of music for folks to listen to. Don’t worry the volume will be low key, I want folks to be enjoying themselves when they say “Oh I know this song”….


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